This blog is my place to share what I have learned about growing food and creating habitat in the South Puget Sound. It’s not about ornamentals or showcase gardening; it’s about growing food, sharing, and creating a habitat that supports native species of insects, frogs, and birds. It is also about foraging, and cultivating mushrooms, and gardening in ways that work with the natural ecosystem.

I am in USDA Zone 8 and Sunset Zone 5. If you’re in a USDA Zone 8 that isn’t coastal, you should know that while we’re the same hardiness zone, you likely get much hotter temperatures in the summer than I do. The climate that I grow in is moist and cloudy from late fall to late spring, and dry and sunny in the summers- usually. Our temperatures in the winter tend to hover right around the freezing point, but we do occasionally get cold spells. Summer temperatures are usually around 80, but some years it breaks 100.

This is an area that would be mixed forest and prairie, if left unattended. The soil gets a lot of rain, so you have to manage fertility carefully. You also probably shouldn’t mulch heavily, because we have very high populations of slugs, and our winters don’t get cold enough to stop the insect pests from taking up permanent residence.


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